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What is this?

Several different ways of getting back at people that use your resources without your permission. Nothing does any permanent damage, and I aim to keep it mildly safe-for-work.


Someone distributed their software with a call to my website that was essentially a distributed denial of service (DDoS). I had no way to contact them and no way to stop them. I was powerless. Returning invalid content or an error did not help. I finally started returning huge results in a feeble attempt to at least annoy them a little bit.

Did it work?

Well, they eventually stopped. I never had any contact with them, so I don't know the actual reason they stopped.

Can I count on you?

Heh. Downtime and invalid responses are a feature as far as I am concerned.

Any future plans?

I'm a vindictive sort of person, so I've brooded about all sorts of nasty things to do. See the TODO file for some of them.

However, I don't have a pressing need for them at the moment, so I'm not actively working on any of them. You are welcome to contribute!